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Bionic Mike Patton (clean) Industrial Song
Bionic Mike Patton Video Game Song
No mouth. Must Scream. (redux) Industrial Song
The void/Tension Sister death Video Game Song
Experimental mayhem Industrial Song
Dance or die Dance Song
Bionic cat Industrial Song
No mouth. Must scream. Industrial Loop
Lovesong (Metal instrumental) Heavy Metal Song
This, is good metal shit Heavy Metal Song
Megami tensei Persona? Video Game Song
Crush opponents Dethklok balls Heavy Metal Loop
Quick melody thingy Ambient Song
John michael Jarre 2.0 Ambient Loop
Madness of Roland Ambient Song
Mc cormick Techno Song
Dark corners of the earth Ambient Song
Brushie brushie, batty bat Techno Song
Industrial Mayhem of death Industrial Song
Dead Space : The journey Video Game Song
Dead Space : Prelude Video Game Song
Piano Shabby theme Video Game Song
8bit Telling the story Theme Video Game Loop
8bit electro Fairy theme Zelda Video Game Song
Disco Rabbit Toy Joy Techno Song
8bit Disco rabbit toy joy Video Game Song
8bit Battle & Dungeon theme! Video Game Song
8bit Game Over theme Video Game Loop
Techno trance stuff Trance Song
Loopy techno stuff Techno Loop
This, is nasty electronic shit Industrial Song
Silent Hill alike soundtrack Video Game Song
Golden Sun - Kolima Forest Video Game Loop
Devin Townsend Arpeggio Heavy Metal Song
Space underworld thingy theme Video Game Song
Satanic church theme Video Game Loop
Winter theme Video Game Song
Suspicious theme Video Game Song
Evil whistle theme Techno Song
Disharmony electro Techno Song
Lovesong (Techno ver) Techno Song
Lovesong (Chaotic ver) Industrial Song
Naomi BassHunter Techno Song
Whales (that's right) Ambient Song
Seagull Techno Song
Lmdd 59 Techno Song
Sasha stole the precious thing Techno Song
Belle genitrice ver 1.0 Ambient Song
Belle genitrice ver 2.0 Techno Song
Christeen Devin Townsend test Heavy Metal Song
Pizzicato hell Techno Loop
Disharmony Miscellaneous Song
L theme Death note short Video Game Loop
Spanish Horse riding Ambient Loop
Backward Lullaby 2.0 Ambient Song
John michael Jarre 1.0 Techno Song
Moby dick-ah Ambient Song
Sunshine & happiness Industrial Loop
Vois sur ton chemin Metal Heavy Metal Song
The Dig Ambient Song
Lmdd (Accoustic ver) Ambient Song
Lmdd (Metal ver) Heavy Metal Song
Metal of det Heavy Metal Song
Mosquito song Heavy Metal Song
Backward Lullaby ver 1.0 Ambient Song
Metal riff of death Heavy Metal Loop
Bermuda Syndrome Heavy Metal Song
Work in progress? Ambient Song
Weird record Ambient Song
Lovesong (Metal ver) Heavy Metal Song